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Questions we are commonly asked

When is the best time to start work on my college or university prospects ?

Most coaches like to know about you as soon as possible. In Australia this means ideally starting as you enter Year 11. Waiting until you reach Year 12, while not making matters impossible, does limit your opportunities. Especially in Division 1 colleges, coaches like to evaluate student athletes early so they can evaluate you and monitor your progress.

Am I good enough to play college level sport and how do I find out ?

A good place to start is recommendations from your coach and especially a coach from an elite development or representative environment. If you obtain the recommendations we require then interviews with you and your parents will establish whether you are the type of candidate College Connexxions requires to discuss with you the large range of contacts within our system.

Are my academic standards important ?

Absolutely! It is not necessary to be a brilliant student but average results in your high school examinations are necessary to comply with the minimum educational requirements set by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Centre. In addition every athlete will need to sit an entrance examination (held in the capital cities of Australia) and achieve a result in the SAT exam that combined with your exam grades gains you accreditation through the Eligibility Centre process. We are available at each stage to guide you through the maze of procedures and applications.

What are the benefits of a scholarship ?

First of all you save many thousands of dollars! On a scholarship in the USA you are receiving a full tertiary education but you are not incurring a HECS type debt as in Australia. On the athletic front, you have access to first class training facilities with state of the art equipment and staffed by fully professional personnel. Academically you will be assisted in completing your degree by a support staff that is well aware of your athletic commitments and will work with you to ensure both your sporting and academic responsibilities are fulfilled.

What length of time does my scholarship cover ?

Scholarships are granted on an annual basis and need to be renewed each year. They are generally renewed for four years to cover the usual time required for you to complete a degree. A condition is you must maintain your grades to a satisfactory level and of course comply with all college rules and procedures.

What costs are not covered by a scholarship ?

Airfares to or from the USA cannot be covered by a scholarship. Also your initial registration fees with the NCAA and SAT fees are your own responsibility.



College Connexxions has the knowledge and first-hand Industry experience to help and guide any talented young soccer player along the way.


“Without Rob’s hard work I wouldn’t have achieved this on my own. From this experience I have grown tremendously as a person as well as an athlete. Because of this experience, my options on what I choose to do next are endless.”

“I had so much fun this summer at College Connexxions soccer program! The coaches were friendly, but pushed me every day and made me a better soccer player.”


College Connexxions offers a personalised approach and will advise you throughout the program as to what you can expect and what is realistic in your own personal circumstances.