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Many student athletes who excel in their sport at high school, look for an opportunity to be recruited into a USA college. But many athletes do not know the system and the details surrounding the recruiting process. So many athletes every year are disappointed and miss their opportunity to get recruited to college.

As you progress in your sport during your high school years, do not be among those athletes who may be disappointed come to College Connexxions and take advantage of our sports recruiting services. Our team is comprised of experienced client managers skilled in obtaining the best USA college scholarships (eg soccer scholarships, softball, tennis and volleyball scholarships.

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College Connexxions has the knowledge and first-hand Industry experience to help and guide any talented young soccer player along the way.


I had so much fun this summer at College Connexxions soccer program! The coaches were friendly, but pushed me every day and made me a better soccer player.


College Connexxions offers a personalised approach and will advise you throughout the program as to what you can expect and what is realistic in your own personal circumstances.


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Zawad Muzahid
Zawad Muzahid
Very professional and fast response. Rob helped me a lot.

College Connexxions

Our team scouts, evaluates and works with serious student athletes – like you – offering our sports recruiting services to you. Your hard work as a committed and talented athlete will be rewarded as our team works for you to find you the perfect college opportunity. Our sports recruiting services were designed to help you focus on your sport, skill, and your talent, while we work through the sports recruiting services process for you.

Most athletes do not have a good knowledge of the process with sports recruiting services. It may be easy to be unrealistic about expectations and the process itself. These services we provide at College Connexxions include a one on one presentation  where you will hear the truth about recruiting. All of these services provide invaluable information for you in your goal setting and preparation for college. As you can see, the sports recruiting services at College Connexxions goes beyond just finding you a stack of recruiting form letters and questionnaires.

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Now that’s a sports recruiting service that really works! Add to that a part of our sports recruiting services that truly goes beyond expectations. That is, our mentors who work individually with you in developing a game plan, as well as strategizing the best possible course to follow for your specific needs and abilities.

You can be certain you are on the right track with College Connexxions when you read through some of the comments others are saying. There will be no doubt that our sports recruiting services work and we are a leading firm in Australia to help you get that American college placement and scholarship.

We are happy to reach out to you if you fill out the information on our Contact Us page, or you can call us directly on 02 46 031112