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A Soccer Tour of a Lifetime…………..


The primary purpose of the tour is to compete in the Nike San Diego Surf College Cup! This tournament will really stretch us as it is rated amongst the top two tournaments in the USA and is a showcase for premier level club teams from throughout the USA. Over 200 college coaches are expected at the tournament scouting for talented players so it’s a big thing for American players! Remember you should expect nothing less than the highest level of youth soccer available in the world’s leading country of women’s soccer.

The website address for the tournament is – check it out to see how it is rated.

For those players who see a future in studying and playing at a US college after completing high school then this is an ideal opportunity. While definitely not a pre requisite to participating in the tour, we are well experienced in advising players and parents on the recruiting process for USA colleges or universities. Early in the process we can discuss with you our services that relate to a successful college recruitment process.

The following itinerary is designed to provide an outline of a premier youth tournament and all the soccer related experience it will bring but at the same time highlighting travel attractions and life experiences that will spoken of for years to come.

2. THE ITINERARY (subject to change of course!!)

We take the flight to Los Angeles for the first leg of the tour. Apart from Southern California being a stronghold for soccer it is also the home of many attractions that you have obviously seen on television or on the movies.

First part of the tour sees us in Los Angeles and then we are off by bus for San Diego and the Nike Surf Cup. This is the highlight of the tour and hopefully provides everyone with one of the best soccer experiences available to a young player as it is not often that such an opportunity will come to you.

Following the tournament we will have one day free for a day trip to a factory outlet near the Mexico border (cheap shopping) or around San Diego’s many attractions – we will discuss later as to which is the best way to wind up this leg of the tour!

Accommodation throughout the tour has been selected as to best value, provided it is of a good standard and provides facilities that we require.

The group will be accompanied and supervised by adults who are very experienced in conducting this tour and have had many years with State teams and elite level women’s soccer. We adhere to a touring code of conduct and full legal compliance with relevant member protection policies in addition to ensuring top quality travel insurance is effected for all squad members.

Following confirmation of the squad, we submit our itinerary details to Football NSW and FFA for accreditation of the tour and all international tournament guidelines are fulfilled.

We first conducted this tour in 2003 so over the years we have had many, many players have the experience of their life. If required I am sure we can put you in touch with players who can provide a reference for us and give you a first hand recollection of what the tour meant to them.

Also we are mindful of parent’s concerns at having their young girl travel overseas with a team. Please feel free to discuss with us how we ensure the well being, safety and adherence to code of conduct policies for all members of the group.


To be reconfirmed for each tour



























College Connexxions has the knowledge and first-hand Industry experience to help and guide any talented young soccer player along the way.


“Without Rob’s hard work I wouldn’t have achieved this on my own. From this experience I have grown tremendously as a person as well as an athlete. Because of this experience, my options on what I choose to do next are endless.”

“I had so much fun this summer at College Connexxions soccer program! The coaches were friendly, but pushed me every day and made me a better soccer player.”


College Connexxions offers a personalised approach and will advise you throughout the program as to what you can expect and what is realistic in your own personal circumstances.