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What Sport Gets the Best Scholarship?

There is no specific concrete path to obtaining an athletic scholarship. However, among the hundreds of sports, there are somewhere student-athletes will gain an edge in achieving scholarships. Certain sports has immense popularity. Therefore, the demand for exceptional athletes. Some sports are comparatively easier to get into.

HeadCount Sports vs. Equivalency Sports 

Before we learn about the sports that get the best scholarship, it is essential to understand about two terms that the NCAA emphasises. A set number restricts scholarships within head-count sports, and they are all full scholarships. Hence, if a sport offers ten scholarships, ten new athletes on that team can receive full scholarships each year. Head-count sports are those sports that generally bring revenues to the school. For men, revenue sports include Division I basketball and Division IA football. Head-count sports include Division I basketball, tennis, volleyball, and gymnastics for women.

Equivalency sports also have a set number of scholarships, but these teams are allowed to divide the scholarships between multiple athletes. Equivalency sports in division 1 include Baseball, Rifle, Skiing, Cross-Country, Track and Field, Soccer, Fencing, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Water Polo, Lacrosse, and Wrestling.

Sports That Get the Best Scholarships 

There is a significant difference between the sports that give the most scholarships and the sports where athletes are most likely to get a scholarship. While it may be scarce to be awarded a full scholarship, any financial assistance may be a significant step in launching you towards a successful career.

The following sports are some of the best in the USA in terms of popularity, amount of scholarships granted, and ease of access: Ice Hockey, Basketball, Track & Field, Lacrosse, Baseball, Wrestling, Swimming, Soccer, Gymnastics, Volleyball, and Rowing. 

It is worth knowing that there are scholarship opportunities outside of the school itself, including federal scholarships and those from corporations, nonprofit organisations and private providers. Contact us at College Connexxions and consult with our experienced team members to learn about all the intricate details of sports scholarship opportunities.

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